All intensives are facilitated by Myrna Martin and senior graduates.

Cost is $1600 + accommodation and catered meals in Nelson, BC.

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Summer Intensives


THE LEVEL ONE INTENSIVE Is Limited To 12 Participants
(Wait List Only For 2018, Taking Applications For 2019, Dates TBA)

July 2 - July 13, 2018

COURSE Topics:

- WEEK 1: Preconception, Prenatal Period, Attachment Process
- WEEK 2: Birth

Understanding the primal period, from preconception through the first year of life is vital for anyone who works therapeutically with people, including infants, children, families or adults. The intensive includes doing many shorter exercises in triads, with hands on support, as well as cognitive learning, including handouts, videos and live teaching. We study practical strategies for healing early developmental trauma as well as have opportunities for personal healing work and practice facilitating others. This Intensive is at least 50% experiential. Each participant has an opportunity to do a longer 2 hour session with the facilitators.



July 16 - July 27, 2018


- Ancestral Double Binds
- Chemical Imprints (prenatal, birth and early post birth drugs)
- Surgical Imprints (cesarean birth)

This intensive is highly experiential. In preparation for level two, participants will be asked to research their family history, stories and patterns. We will experientially and cognitively learn how to work with these double bind imprints in a liberating way for ourselves and others. The skills and processes learned are transferable to our personal lives and to many different types of professional healing practices. Each participant will also have a 2 hour session with the facilitators in a small group setting.

This retreat is for people who have already attended a beginning intensive, or others who have education in Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health on an individual application basis



(Wait List Only For 2018, Taking Applications For 2019, Dates TBA):

August 13 - August 24, 2018

This Intensive will be very experiential, with the emphasis on practitioner skills & there will be a preparatory project on relationship patterns.

We will be studying how to work with couples and 1:1 with adults from a somatic and attachment perspective. We will study the adult attachment style interactive nature of couple and other adult relationships, such as in small process oriented group work. Early developmental imprints will be considered. Each participant will also have a 2 hour session with the either Ken or Myrna in a small group setting.

Level Three Applicants:
- have taken the two previous Residential Intensives,
- or are past graduates of Myrna’s PPN trainings
- or are graduates* of Ray Castellino’s; Annie Brookes; William Emerson’s, and David Sawyer’s extensive trainings

*These graduates need to email Myrna prior to submitting an application at