Gestation, birth and early years of life are important experiences in human development. The latest research in psychology and neurobiology indicate that the experiences one has during these stages leave an imprinting and profoundly affect one’s long-term physical, emotional, and mental health. These imprints will color our perceptions and personality development, and will not fade with the passage of time unless they are transformed and re-patterned.

The imprints formed during our early life impact our ability to form relationships as adults, make empowered choices and decisions, and negotiate our life from a place of freedom and authenticity.

Approaching imprinted experiences at our own pace and in the utterly safe, supportive environment of a small group setting, allows the individual to make sense of their early experience and gives them the opportunity to change how they respond to stressful situations. The nervous system’s response to stress can actually be reordered - hormones are released differently, different parts of the brain are activated, and a difficult situation can be navigated with less stress. In this way re-patterning and integrating our early life imprinted memories can contribute in many ways to the health and well-being of the individual.

Tools used to facilitate these turns include energy awareness, cranial-sacral work, group processing and other empathy skills. The purpose of the workshop is to heal and re-pattern early experiences and support participants to explore their intention from a somatic and integrated perspective. Often participants share how the processes are empowering and transformative.

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